Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This morning Elise is fascinated by the James Bond DVD jacket that she found in our living room. It's the kind with the cardboard flap that closes with Velcro. She has shunned her own books in favor of the James Bond "book". She just keeps pulling it open and "reading" it as she would any of her real books.

I feel like I should tape a little dress over the picture of Halle Berry's rather exposed body.

I am turning into my mother.


Bob said...

Every time I think "I am becoming my father", I have to stop and remind myself that, really, that's probably the best thing I could hope to become.

Holly said...

What a perfectly lovely thing to say, and what a great testimony to your father's character. Have you told your father that?

Bob said...

Partly. I don't think I could just come right out and say that without some sort of preparation or preamble. I don't want it to lose any of the impact through the moment seeming overly saccharine and contrived. At the same time, though, I would hate to leave such a thing too long and not have it said at all. I haven't used those words, and I don't think I've conveyed that precise sentiment, but he does know I am proud to be his son.