Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is That Weird?

Last night, as my husband was trying to fall asleep, I had to ask him a pressing question. I said, "Honey, I have a question. You know how when you're upside-down your eyes see everything around you as upside-down? I don't. When I'm upside-down, everything still looks right-side-up to me. Is that weird?" He replied by rolling over to face me and asking, "What do you do after I leave for work in the morning?"

But it's true. As a kid, when you hang upside-down from the monkey bars, the world around you appears to be upside-down, right? Not for me. For whatever reason, my brain makes the adjustment and I don't perceive my surroundings as upside-down. They look entirely normal - right-side-up - to me. Now of course that's not true of my perception of individual objects. If you came into my house and turned my coffee table upside down, I would notice. But that's only because it would be upside down in relation to the things around it. When everything is upside down (or when I am upside down, thus making everything else upside down in relation to me), I don't notice it.

Is that weird?


Bob said...

I think you should have your inner-ear checked.

Holly said...

Well, that's a lot nicer than saying you think I should have my head examined. :)

The Krunchy Krab said...

Yes, that is weird.

christindall said...

I'd have to agree - that's pretty weird. But that's ok - that's why we all get along! :)

monica said...

I think that's a fab skill to have!

And a tad weird.