Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now What?

Last night I wanted to sew, but all of my current projects seemed too daunting for the late hour. I spent some time just looking through my fabric bins, thinking what a nice such-and-such this or that fabric would make. Eventually I came to a small stack of blue and yellow squares. I bought them about a year ago, pre-cut. I don't remember if I had a particular project in mind for them, or if I just got them because I loved the blue and yellow combination. (I have always loved blue & yellow.) Naturally, I decided to sew them together. (Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you want to sew but are too tired to be creative? Sew random bits of fabric together?) Now I have this 8"x12" rectangle, and I think it's quite pretty, but I don't know what to do with it. I thought maybe placemats would be nice (I have red & green placemats in a patchwork pattern, and I really like them), but I couldn't make a matching set as I only had two of each fabric square. I could make a similar second placemat, but not an exact replica. Then I thought maybe a throw pillow. Then again, it could be a single placemat, and I could just use it in the center of the table, almost like a doily, or to line a tray with. Hmm.

Any ideas?
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Bob said...

There's no rule that says your placemats have to be exact replicas of each other. Or is there? I'm not up on my sewing etiquette.

Beth said...

What about making a small bag/purse with it? Or a quilted Bible or journal cover? Or a quilt for one of Elise's baby dolls? Or a case for your crochet hooks?

amandajean said...

you could make it into a placemat for you, and then make coordinating ones for your family members. or you could make each of your family members their own placemat in their favorite color scheme.
my kids love placemats...they also like to have a choice of which one they will use on a particular day.

Linda said...

How about throw pillows?