Monday, January 07, 2008

This is The Day

Today is the day which I have been dreading for more than two years. Today I am armed with juice boxes, paper towels, a stack of size 2T pants, a pile of training pants, Clorox spray, carpet deodorizer, and treats.

Today we start potty training in earnest.

Heaven help us.


Bob said...


christindall said...

So, how'd it go? :)

Tiff said...

TOday is our first day at that too!!!

Holly said...

Bob - That's the goal! How do you say "Ever drier" in Latin?

Chris - It went better than I had hoped! We had about a 1:4 success rate.

Tiff - Good luck to you!

kirsten said...

well, it sounds like you're very well prepared.

i REALLY need to get on the ball with my youngest. but potty training my middle (ASD) kid took ... for-ever. so i haven't been 'in the mood'.

monica said...

ohhh ahhhh. We've just done that. I guess we're 90% there during the day and at night... well that's a different endevour alltogether, right?

good luck.

The Chicken Lady said...

Skittles! Worked for both of my girls. They got a Skittle every time they went potty in the toilet. They thought that was the greatest thing since they didn't get much candy. Good luck, it will all be over before you know it. :)