Thursday, April 10, 2008

Such A Good Day

Today really was a good day. So many little things happened that just made it good. After going back and forth for weeks about whether we would be able to make it to an upcoming retreat, tonight we received confirmation that we would indeed be able to attend. We found a great deal on a bunch of gifts that will cover the majority of our daughter's friends' birthdays this summer. We're all sick - I know that doesn't sound good, but there were good moments. My daughter played contentedly by herself while I rested on the sofa for quite a while. Even the times when she wanted my attention were good. Twice she asked to climb up and snuggle with me, which was so sweet. Once she woke me up by rushing into the living room with a pom-pom and shaking it with all her might directly in my face. Shocking and a bit frightening, but so cute. Another time she woke me up by coming quietly up and sticking a thermometer in my mouth. I'm sick, you know, so she had to take my temperature. She calls thermometers "fevers". I guess she has heard the word fever associated with thermometers so often that she just thinks that's what they are called. It may not help that I just taught her that the "clock" in the refrigerator is actually a thermometer. It looks nothing like a "fever". Anyway. Let me tell you, you wake up fast when a two year old sticks a thermometer in your mouth.

I hope you had a good day as well. Minus the sickness, of course.

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Tiff said...

I hope you feel better! Your daughter is too cute!!