Monday, September 15, 2008

T - 25 Days

With 25 days remaining until Baby is due (not that the due date means much), I find myself falling asleep and waking up with the question, "What do I need to do to be ready to leave for the hospital today?" on my mind. I'd really rather not leave with the house a wreck, the laundry undone, or job tasks unfinished.

This past weekend, the answer to my question was peaches. As my husband mentioned, we bought a couple of boxes of peaches at a local fruit market. About 50 pounds of peaches. Peaches are at their prime for about one day. If we were to leave 50 pounds of peaches on the counter - or even in the fridge, on the unlikely chance that we had that much room in there - for two or three days while we took care of other matters, such as giving birth, we would likely return home to mushy, potentially moldy peaches covered in fruit flies. Appetizing, yes? So we processed them as fast as we could.

They were turned into peach crisp:
They were turned into jam:

They were frozen:

They were canned:
And of course they were eaten. Delicious.

There are still 36 peaches in the refrigerator, awaiting one more full canning session. I am determined that we will not lose a single peach of our 50 lbs. I don't like throwing away food. So tomorrow, somewhere between morning preschool and an afternoon doctor's appointment, canning will happen.

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Beth said...

Mmm... those all look so good. I'm going to go get some peaches tomorrow.