Thursday, February 05, 2009

Charitable Knitting

Last week I posted about a way to use your old greeting cards while contributing to a good cause. I like the idea of using every last bit of any given material, especially when doing so can help others. Today I came across a way for you knitters (you know who you are) to use up odds and ends of yarn while again helping someone out. Even if you are not a knitter (I'm not), you'll want to click on this link. Maybe.

I double dog dare you to take your, um, contributions to the post office and ask the postal employee to package them for you.

Edit: I just saw that they accept crocheted versions as well, so I could actually contribute!


Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- that's pretty funny! Can you imagine the looks you'd get if you were knitting that out in public LOL? I've been catching up with you just a bit -- I really enjoyed your inaguration day post -- If only I'd had you way with words, I would have done a post like that! Most Excellent!

Beth said...


Kinda reminds me of my birthing class; the teacher had a knitted uterus with detachable cervix that she put a baby doll inside to demonstrate birth.