Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Tindalls are moving!

Chris and Janene are moving to Snohomish. It's cool. We went and saw their new house yesterday. It's this big, turn-of-the-century (that is, the 19th century turning into the 20th century) house. I won't describe it, because Chris and Janene have both done lovely jobs of that on their own websites, which are linked above. Anyway, I'm so excited for them to be moving into a house that I hope they will love, and I'm so excited to have a friend to visit in Snohomish. Snohomish is a beautiful little town full of quaint shops, cafes, galleries, and restaurants. There are some beautiful old churches (old by northwestern United States standards) and houses. In fact, I believe the house that Chris and Janene will be living in is on the registry of historic houses.

If you get the chance, and like the sort of thing I've described, you should visit Snohomish. I know that Janene and I like to browse through the shops just to admire the artistry that is displayed - quite a bit of the merchandise is handmade - and to get ideas to enhance our own creative undertakings. (Janene is an artist and I enjoy various crafts.) In fact, when we were in Snohomish yesterday to look at the house and to celebrate the birthday of the third member of our triad, Grahame, I believe that neither Janene nor I actually bought anything other than lunch. We just looked, and I daresay we both walked away with some good ideas and inspiration.

I am curious to find out whether Snohomish retains its charm once we start spending a fair amount of time there.


Bob said...

Chris is on the Intertron again? I thought I had another month before his yearly site redesign.

Holly said...

I know! But miracles do happen.

We love you, Chris! :)

christindall said...

well, I even considered waiting that extra month - but gosh golly, I just got so excited and motivated that I couldn't contain myself....

thus, the miracle of an updated site... :)