Wednesday, September 12, 2007

15 Seconds of Local Fame

Last week my husband had his shot at local fame, and yesterday Elise and I had ours. Sadly, I do not have a link or video for you. We aren't that famous. The story is this: Elise and I attended a September 11 memorial service at a local park. We got there early and were approached by a reporter from a local news station. He asked us a few questions about why we attended the memorial, how September 11 had affected me, etc. Being the big softie that I am, I started crying (because of the topic), and of course I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say. As soon as the interview was over, I thought of all sorts of profound things to say, but that didn't really help. I was very, very nervous about showing up on the evening news in tears, but I was pleasantly surprised by the editing that they did. They showed me a little choked up, but did not make me look like the blubbering fool that I felt. I think we made the final cut because a) I had Elise with me and b) I mentioned that my brother will be heading to Iraq shortly.

Anyhow, it was an interesting experience. I thought I would be horribly embarrassed to watch the interview, but it was okay.

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Heidijayhawk said...

i was on tv a few times this winter and spring because our church burned down. i always looked like an idiot and never thought of what to say until i was done. a newcaster i'm not! how cool to see yourself on tv though!