Monday, September 10, 2007

Growing Up

Here she is, our little Sunday school student. She was so excited to go to the "big kids' room".

I thought Elise might be a bit hesitant to say goodbye to us when we dropped her off at Sunday school, being in a new room and all, but she was fine. She walked right in and began to play. Child-sized chairs pulled up to a table full of Playdough certainly didn't hurt.

After church, our entire congregation gathered on the lawn for a balloon release. We do this each year at the beginning of the school year. We sent more than 300 balloons to the sky yesterday.

Elise released my balloon at the appointed time. She kept hers.
It was a great day. Elise brought home her first Sunday school papers - torn pieces of paper glued together on construction paper to make the sun and the moon. I believe her class is learning about the creation of the world. I might have to frame those papers.


Heidijayhawk said...

looks like you guys had a terrific time!! how time flies (haha...the balloons and all). okay. lame joke.

janenetindall said...

Oh, congratulations on the graduation to the new sunday school! She has grown so quickly - seems like just the other day we were visiting you in the hospital. Which means it was just a nanosecond ago that you were visiting me... Did you think we'd be having these conversations together when we met way back when in Hill with Sally, Melody, and the rest??