Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quiet Happenings

If you were a 12 year old girl, would you like this bag? I'm helping with an event for 5th-8th grade girls, a day where they (and their moms) can ask questions and learn about all sorts of things that girls just entering their teen years might wonder about. Skin and hair care, makeup, what's happening to their bodies as they hit puberty, etc. We're hoping to clear up some myths, assure girls that what's happening is normal and okay, and open the lines of communication between mothers and daughters who might need a little help.

Our goal is to make it a really fun day. We'd like the girls to walk away feeling grown up and a bit pampered, so we're giving them each a "goodie bag". The contents of the bag have yet to be determined, but I'm working on prototypes for the bag itself. This is the drawstring version. A zippered version will be next. The fabric is from Deb Strain's Daydreams line for Moda.

I love having a toddler. It's such a great excuse for doing things like hanging 8-foot paper heart garlands...and egg carton hearts...and pipe cleaner hearts. The others are Hardanger and pewter, so no excuse needed.

I love this girl.

(The coloring of the egg carton cups used in the aforementioned egg carton heart.)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


Tiff said...

The bag is gorgeous!! My daughter who is a 5th grader asked me where she could get one! LOL! You have a cutie that's for sure

Linda said...

Love the bags! I think the girls would feel very pampered to have such lovely bags!

Felicia said...

Its an adorable bag :)