Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today's mail just arrived at my house. I wanted to get it from the mailbox, but didn't want to open the squeaky door to the closet that houses my shoes because my dear little one is napping, and her naps have been of questionable quality lately (too short, no nap at all, etc.). I knew I had a pair of shoes in the living room. Looking, looking. Oh, there's one shoe, in the middle of that pile of blocks. Good. Now, where's the other? Looking, looking. Oh. Of course. There it is...on the coffee table. Why wouldn't it be on the coffee table? Doesn't everyone keep their stray shoes on the coffee table?

Tell me, o ye parents whose toddlers are no longer toddlers: Will my house ever be clean again?


XO :) said...

I still need to convince myself that it's worth getting up early. And let me tell you, it's a struggle. Sometimes, I do sleep in just because I know I need it more than I need to get laundry done. Your little gal is adorable by the way. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Tiff said...

Not untill they go to preschool. LOL! My shoes would be spread all over the house. courtesy of my three year old. He loves wearing my heels around the house!

Heidijayhawk said...

nope. at 11 it hasn't gotten better yet. now we can't find homework, or ballet shoes, or my mind. and the laundry increases exponentially. so sorry. glad you found your shoe. my oldest should be wearing mine any day now. sigh.