Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Real Reason

Blogging has been a rare activity for me over the last few months, and I blame this young lady entirely:

Yes, it's true! We have another girl on the way. She should be here by mid-October. I'll have to come up with a better blog title than "my daughter" for our oldest child now.

The first trimester was a most unproductive time for me, aside from growing a healthy baby, of course. Thus the lack of blogging. If you could have seen my house, you would know that it was an unproductive time for cleaning and house projects of any kind as well. Now we're well into the second trimester, morning sickness has subsided, energy has returned, the weather is brighter and warmer, and we know the baby's gender,'s time to get ready! We are very excited.


Bob said...

I have suggestions for your newest daughter's name.


christindall said...

Well, he COULD have said . . .


Although, if I've stepped on toes and you ARE gonna name her Bambi... then it's a GREAT name...!

christindall said...

Oh, yeah - it's about time you blogged. not that I can talk, mind you - but everybody EXPECTS me to blog 1 / year. You, well, I guess our expectations are higher. :)

Missed you! *grin*

Holly said...

Thanks, guys! I'm sorry to tell you that we already have a name picked out (a first name, anyway), so your suggestions will have to wait until next time. But thanks for the, um, unique ideas!

Heidijayhawk said...

congrats sweet friend! and i hated the first few months.

amandajean said...

congratulations Holly and family! that is so exciting!!! i remember when I was pregnant with my 2nd how much of a relief it was to be in the second trimester. it was like I was a different person....I had NO energy for the first 3 months, and yes, life happens, even if we don't have the energy for it.

lera said...

Congratulations!! What wonderful news.

Linda said...