Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rainy Wednesday

Today was Day 2 of dreary, rainy, soggy weather. This shouldn't be a problem here in western Washington. Two days of rain is nothing. But I have a two year old daughter, and since spring arrived (finally) and she has tasted the joy of playing outside every day, two days of indoor-only play is torturous to her...and thus to me. Yesterday, Day 1, wasn't so bad. It rained heavily all day, but I had an engagement in the morning which allowed my girl to play with a group of children for a few hours. In other words, we got out of the house. Today...not so much.

So here's a look at our indoor day. I should note that the day was broken up every few minutes by this conversation: "Can we go outside now?" "No, sweetie, it's too wet." "Oh. I will wear my raincoat." "No, sweetie, it's really wet." "Oh. Can we play chalk outside?" "No, sweetie, chalk doesn't work when it's wet." "Oh."

The first order of the day: Fix the magic wand. My girl is a do-it-yourself princess. When her magic wand is broken, she pulls out her socket wrench. Bet she could change a tire on a pumpkin coach, too.

Does this look like a guilty face or what?

Yep. Caught red-handed with a bag of cookies in the closet. I only wish I knew how many cookies were in the bag originally. Guess she really worked up an appetite with all that wand repair.

She was so disappointed that we couldn't play hopscotch outside (and even more disappointed to look out the window and see that the rain had washed her beloved hopscotch clean away). Mommy to the rescue! Ten sheets of construction paper + crayons + duct tape = indoor hopscotch. My girl arranged them herself. None of this ridiculous tiered stuff like the outdoor hopscotch pattern that I made for her. Just a good old straight line, one through ten.

And yes, as the photos indicate, she did stay in her pajamas all day.
We did make it outside late in the afternoon, pajamas and all (just her - I got dressed this morning), much to my daughter's delight. There were some great puddles out there, and we couldn't let them go to waste. The neighbor's dog had the same idea. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that. Anyway, I had a very happy daughter after that. I love fresh air.

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Linda said...

Sometimes we need pajama days. :0)