Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mississippi

Please remember to pray for those affected by the Mississippi River flooding.

I lived in the Upper Mississippi River Basin during the flood of 1993. I lived in central southern Illinois, about equidistant from the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Our immediate area, being about 60 miles from either river, was not flooded, but the areas along the rivers were devastated. It was supposed to be a flood so terrible that it would statistically occur only once every 500 years. This year's flooding has already broken the 1993 records in some areas...only 15 years later. Many people who have spent the last 15 years rebuilding their homes, farms, and businesses are preparing to lose them (or have already lost them) again. It is a terrible tragedy.

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Linda said...

I lived in Illinois in the early 90's too. I remember that summer, it just rained and rained and rained. We were too far from the Mississippi where I lived to be really affected by it, but I remember how much some people lost that year. I am praying for drier weather for them so that these floods don't get any worse. It's just awful.