Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Did you?


Bob said...

Frankly, what this country needs is less voting.

Holly said...

Perhaps, but I like to think that my readers (all three of them) are among the dwindling group of informed voters. I suppose every voter likes to think of himself as informed, though. I do. Who would admit that they do not know enough to vote well?

Is this at all what you were getting at? Too many ignorant voters?

Bob said...

That, yes, to a degree. It's silly that the 90% of people who know who they want to be president are held hostage every year to the 10% who can't be bothered to pay attention and make up their mind until the last minute.

But also, I think the franchise has been too widely extended. If you work for the government, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Being able to vote yourself job security and raises that are extracted by duress (because that's what taxes are) from your neighbors is a privilege that only government employees enjoy. And they shouldn't.

Also, the voting age should be put back up to 21 because, honestly, 18 year olds are NOT qualified to vote. Yes, yes, we all know or have known someone who would have voted thoughtfully at 18, but they are the exception.

I'm tempted to argue that a minimum level of property ownership ought also to be a prerequisite (money being counted as property). I don't like the idea of people who have bankrupted themselves through their own foolishness being able to vote themselves some of my money via the government. But I'm most flexible on this one. I can see how it could be an undue burden on young couples just starting off.