Monday, January 01, 2007

Alexander Graham Bell Pepper

My daughter usually eats a cold lunch - fresh fruit, vegetables, lunchmeat, cheese, that sort of thing. If her lunch is hot, it is reheated leftovers. I do not feel guilty about this because she does eat a hot breakfast and a hot dinner. Today, though, I decided to go for a hot lunch. I made some tri-colored rotini - pretty much her absolute favorite food - and I sauteed some baby carrots and julienned red bell peppers. It was a very attractive plate. Well, naturally, Elise ate all of the pasta right up. She nibbled on the carrots. But the red peppers? Well, Elise instantly noticed a similarity that I, in my nearly 27 years on this earth, had never noticed, and she put her observation to immediate use. Julienned bell peppers are shaped remarkably like telephones. I turned around and saw my daughter chomping away at her rotini, with a red pepper slice tucked securely between her shoulder and ear, just the way she holds her toy telephone.

This reminds me of a New Year's goal of mine, which will be mentioned in a later post.

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janenetindall said...

you're leaving me in suspense!