Sunday, January 14, 2007

Quiet day

I'm enjoying a quiet Sunday morning at home. Elise and I stayed home from church today due to icy roads. I don't think the roads are really all that bad, but Andy had to be at church at 7:30 this morning - an hour and a half before the first service began - and has to stay until noon or so. Not wanting to be gone that long with Elise (that would mean waking her up earlier than usual and missing her nap), my options were to stay home or to drive myself and Elise separately. I chose to stay home rather than brave the icy roads myself. Now, you might poke fun at me for being so cautious. I am, after all, a born and bred midwesterner, and I initially learned how to drive in the winter, so one would think that I would be used to icy conditions. And I am. But in the Midwest, if you slide on black ice, you end up in a ditch or a snow bank or some other such irritating but harmless position. Here, you end up embedded in the side of a bus. I'd rather stay home.

So, yes, it is a quiet day. I'm sitting here drinking my coffee. Elise is exploring how many pillows she can stack on top of one another before they topple over. We played "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and peek-a-boo. Elise's version of peek-a-boo consists of her covering one eye, not her entire face. Not entirely effective, but cute.

Here are a few things that I have particularly enjoyed this week:

Elise, sharing her chocolate with me.
Flannel pajamas. So comfortable!
A quilt handmade by someone else, and left for me to find in a thrift store.
Leftover Christmas candies.
February's Country Home magazine. Thanks, Janene!
The Little House books. I loved them as a child. I received the series for Christmas when I was five, and have read them dozens of times. My original series is gone, being paperback and having lived through five girls. I recently bought the books again, and am very much enjoying reading them. I remember not caring so much for this one - Farmer Boy - when I was a little girl. It was about a boy. How boring. But now I am enjoying it.

Now I am off to kiss Elise's head better - she just crawled under the kitchen table and then stood up - and to clean the banana off the floor before it dries.


Bob said...

That's silly. Farmer Boy was the only one that was really interesting. The rest were dull as ditch-water.

littlemissmeshell said...

Wow, a quilt found in a thrift store! Now THAT's a find =) And I wish I had a little cutie to share chocolate with me, hehe. xox

Holly said...

I don't know, Bob. As I read through it this time, I still found myself bored on several occasions. There are so many descriptions of how Father built various farming tools and equipment. I think that this reading only confirmed what impeccable taste in books I had as a child. :)