Monday, January 22, 2007


It has been a day. Poor Andy woke up with a fever and bad headache. Now, he gets his fair share of coughs and colds and general feelings of blah, but this is big for him. He crawled back into bed and requested - actually requested - a doctor's appointment. This was not as easy as it sounds. His regular physician no longer accepts our health insurance, and we have not yet established care with a new physician. So I pulled up our preferred provider list, breathed a prayer that my search would not lead us directly to a quack, and picked up the phone. The first office I called - well, okay, the first office I called got me "Jim, MRI". Yeah. But the second office I called could get us in within an hour and they were less than three miles away. Perfect. I gave Elise her breakfast, threw in a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and ran out the door. Hmm. The gas gauge needle was below the red "Empty" line. I should have realized this since the warning beep beeped at us on the way to church yesterday. (That's another story.) But the doctor was less than three miles away, so we risked it. And made it. Whew!

Everyone in the doctor's office was very friendly and helpful. All three of them. Andy was seen promptly, and Elise played happily with the toys in the waiting room. The doctor himself walked Andy back out to the waiting room, where he then talked pleasantly to me and Elise for a few minutes. He explained to me what he had already explained to Andy - the illness is probably viral, he recommends symptomatic treatment - and then gave Elise a sticker and let her explore the whole clinic. I was impressed.

We got home (with a brief stop at a gas station first) and began the prescribed symptomatic treatment. Sleep. Andy went immediately to bed and stayed there until late in the afternoon. I have never known him to sleep so much. He called me in only to ask for more blankets, Tylenol, and a humidifier. Even now, at 10:00 at night, he is still asleep in the recliner, blankets piled on top of him, a cool cloth (well, it used to be cool - I haven't checked it in a while) on his forehead. Poor guy. I feel so badly for him. And I have to admit, I'm a little afraid of Elise or I catching it. It's hard to take care of a sick child, and it's hard to take care of a healthy child when you yourself are sick. But we'll make it.

Anyway, I'm tired. And I feel that I accomplished very little today. But when someone in your household is sick, you kind of go into maintenance mode, you know? I did put together an apron that I cut out over a month ago, but I don't have the energy to take and post a picture of it right now. Here are some pictures of Baby S's quilt:

We had her baby shower here on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. I finished the quilt just in time - about 45 minutes before the shower began, actually. I had promised myself that I would not let it get down to the wire like that, but I did. Oh, and the quilt is not tapered as it appears in the photo. That's just the photo and the way I am holding the quilt. The center of the quilt was made before S was born, before we knew that she was a she. Once she was born, I decided to make the rest of quilt - the border and binding - decidedly feminine.

Okay, off to bed with me. In twelve hours I will be sitting in a dentist's chair. Ugh. Is it bad to wish the week were over when it is still only Monday?

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