Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mama said there'd be days like this

What a week for my family! We're scattered all over the country, my parents, siblings and I, so we mostly keep up with each other by telephone and email. And let me tell you, the phones have been ringin' this week! Monday was one sister's second wedding anniversary. It was also the day that my sweet little six-year-old nephew was hospitalized with pneumonia. Yesterday, another sister's house was burglarized, the thief getting away with thousands of dollars worth of goods, including my sister's video camera and digital camera. This means she has lost video of her son's birthday and other family events, and all photos from April until now. (She doesn't download very often!) Today is my youngest sister's birthday. 18! Hard to believe. Later this week, my brother (father of the little boy in the hospital) will be leaving for Iraq. If you are a praying person, we'd certainly appreciate your prayers for his safety, and that his son will be home and healthy before he has to leave.

In a family as large as mine (I'm fifth of ten children), minor whirlwinds are pretty common. It's rare to have a week that is this crazy, though, even for us. Whew! Sometimes all there is to do is stand in the middle of the room and laugh. Baking sugar cookies with sprinkles doesn't hurt, either.


amandajean said...

wow, that is a big week.

and I had no idea that you were one of 10 kids.

Retha said...

The cookies looks like it needs tea, that never finishes out of a small tea set. Served by little hands.

I am SO sorry to hear of your sister' loss!!