Monday, November 12, 2007

Messenger Bag

There has been a fair amount of sewing going on around here lately. Most of it has been Christmas gift related, so I won't be showing pictures here. This, however, is for a birthday that has come and gone, and for a person who does not read this blog (to my knowledge). My baby sister turned 18 last week. I made this messenger bag for her. The photos are rotten - my apologies. I found it difficult to take a good photo of a bag made from such a busily-patterned fabric. The bag ended up being quite large. My sister was complaining a while back that her purse was too small, and that the straps were too short to fit comfortably on her shoulder. This bag will not have those problems. It is, though, rather too large for an everyday purse (at least for an 18 year old; it would be great for a mom). I'm thinking it will be good for school.

It was fun to make. I think I'll play around with making some bags for myself.

My brother is in the Middle East now. His son went home from the hospital on the same day that my brother was deployed, something for which we were all very thankful. Thank you for your prayers.
Christmas Eve is six weeks from today. Six weeks, folks! I love Christmas.

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amandajean said...

that messenger bag is wonderful!