Friday, March 14, 2008

Poached Eggs

This morning I made my favorite breakfast for myself. Poached eggs on toast. It may not sound all that appetizing, but I love it.

My daughter is funny about eggs. She loved them when she was spoon fed and we found egg yolks to be a convenient and good source of protein for her. She even ate them when she first started picking up finger foods and feeding herself. (No whites until she was a year old, don't worry.) And then, without warning, she hated eggs. Couldn't stand them. We boiled, poached, scrambled, fried. We put them in fried rice and ramen noodles. We tried calling them things other than eggs. She would have none of it. Eggs were the only thing that Andy and I could put on our own plates without our daughter asking for a bite. This went on for nearly a year and a half.

Then a few weeks ago she started eating eggs again. Completely out of the blue. You would never know that the child had ever disliked them. We are thrilled.

So this morning, long after my daughter had finished her own breakfast, I made myself some poached eggs on toast. Two eggs, two slices of toast. I ate the first one and then called my mother-in-law. (Why did I call my MIL in the middle of breakfast? I guess I'm just used to eating in shifts.) While I was on the phone, my lovely egg-eating daughter climbed up to the table and ate the entire second piece of toast and egg. The whole thing. It took her about three minutes. I could hardly believe it. She asked for more, but she got some fruit instead.

My days of eating eggs without being asked for a bite are over. Now there are no sacred foods in our house. But at least she's eating eggs again.

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Tiff said...

my husband dislikes eggs with a passion. But he will eat french toast. My sons both loved eggs until he started voicing his oppinion of them. Now they won't touch them. GRRR. Next meal. i'm going to tape his mouth shut until theyve had a bite! LOL!