Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recent Sayings

Two year olds say some pretty funny things. Here are some of my recent favorites:

[Daughter hands me a picture she has drawn.]
Me: Oh, thank you so much! I love it!
Daughter: Oh, you're welcome! I so need a jelly bean!

[To man walking behind us at grocery store]
Daughter: What's your name?
Man: My name is Paul. What's your name?
Daughter: [blinks. Points to her father] His name is Andy.

My husband pointed out that this is a pretty good strategy for a two year old. She still gets to learn the names of all those around her, but does not have to reveal her own name. Instead, she makes it known that her father is close.

[To cashier at same grocery store]
Daughter: What's your name?
Cashier: My name is Penny.
Daughter: Oh. You know the Henny Penny book?

[To college-aged medical assistant during my medical exam]
Daughter: [in authoritative tone] Doctor, you need to be quiet. My mommy is taking a nap.

[To her father at the dinner table]
Daughter: Mommy thinks I am a slimy worm.
[What I had actually said was that she was a wiggle worm]

[Actual words to the song: "No room in the inn, No room in the inn, but you will find room in my heart"]
Daughter: No fish in the inn, No fish in the inn, but you will find a fish in my heart!

Daughter: Daddy, do you want to play a guitar or a woodpecker?


Kate said...

She really is the cutest, quick minded little one.

janenetindall said...

I'd like to hear him play a woodpecker.