Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Calling All Readers

Have you seen this? It's pretty cool. Andy has already had several of his books requested, and has received one that he requested. I am slower and just posted some of my books yesterday. Seems like a good system to me. I know that I own a lot of books that I'll probably never read again, so why not trade them in for books I want to read? And while the program is called Paperback Swap, you are not limited to listing or requesting only paperbacks.

Just thought I'd share.


Bob said...

The books I don't want, I generally don't buy in the first place. Reading a book once and then getting rid of it is not something I'm inclined to do very often.

amandajean said...

my sister was trying this and I think she likes it a lot. she is an AVID reader-that's putting it lightly.

Anne said...

I use this all the time, and I love it! I've been able to get much of our literature for school through Paperback Swap. It also helps me keep us from being smothered by books around here. ;-)