Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We had a great time at the Mariners' game last night, despite the fact that the M's were clobbered by the Orioles. We took the bus to the stadium, which was fantastic. I had my reservations at first, not wanting to be waiting for a bus in SoDo late at night with thousands of drunk, disappointed fans; but as it turned out, the buses were lined up outside the stadium, just waiting to take us all right back to our cars. (Yeah, I didn't take a bus all the way from my house. Just from the park 'n' ride.) Door-to-door service for $1.25. Can't beat that.

One of my favorite moments in the game was when one of the Orioles ran to first base. I know, that shouldn't be my favorite moment. But there were two young women sitting behind us, clearly not the world's biggest baseball fans (they left in the 4th inning), and when the Orioles' batter made it to base, one young lady turned to the other and exclaimed in a loud, pouty voice, "I thought he was going to get striked out!" Striked out. If only we had striked out more Orioles.

So we had a good time. And now I'm tired. I can't complain, though. Andy got up and went to work at 6:30 as usual this morning. I was not awake at 6:30.

I think Starbucks should deliver.

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