Thursday, July 12, 2007

Recipe and Good Blogs

I recently made this Lemonade Layer Cake, and it was really good. I didn't have cream cheese on hand, so I didn't make the frosting. I just used a store-bought buttercream, and then put sliced strawberries on top. Yum, yum, yum. Next time I'll put in more lemon rind - 1 T didn't make it quite lemon-y enough for my tastes. Of course, using the lemon frosting probably would have helped, too. This cake is definitely best when it is chilled.

I have enjoyed and been inspired by several blog posts recently and thought I'd share them with you. Some are sewing/craft blogs, others are thought-provoking writings about life.

The Merry Church Mouse has posted about her progress on this beautiful Moda quilt. I love these fabrics.

Artsy Crafty Babe has turned plain white onesies into darling little fashion statements.

Randi at I Have To Say has made these pretty totes. I just love how they look all lined up like that.

Creative Little Daisy shares her gratitude for some daily "problems".

My husband reminds us that the way we spend our time reflects our true priorities.

Randi at I Have To Say (again - what can I say, she's inspiring!) talks about what babies really need from their mothers.

Crazy Mom Quilts is one of my favorite craft blogs. If you're into craft blogs, you really should just read the whole thing. Some of my recent favorite posts include this beautiful bright quilt and this bib tutorial (I tried it out - her instructions are flawless, and the bib turned out great!)

Craft Apple is very generous with her tutorials. My favorites are the Chenille-Backed Baby Blanket; the Patchwork Notebook Cover; and the Patchwork Notecards.

There are many, many more, but I think this list should keep you busy for a while.

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Linda said...

Aww, Holly, you are sweet to mention my little quilt. I'll bet that cake was yummy. I'll have to try it sometime when I need to take a cake someplace. Hubby and I are both trying to diet, so having it around the house right now, not a good thing! ;)