Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life With Two Kids, Day Two


Eight year olds are funny creatures. Last night I was changing Elise's diaper and noticed my nephew's confused and curious look. He has a younger brother, but the only girl in his house is his mom. I was amused, but I didn't say anything. After a few seconds, my nephew hesitantly asked, "Aunt Holly? What is her middle called?" I told him that I would tell him, but he had to understand that it was a grown up word and he was not to use it casually when talking to his friends. He agreed. So I told him the clinical term. (At this point Andy hollered to me from the other room, "You're gonna get in trouble!") He repeated it once, awkwardly, then fell silent for a minute. Finally he said, "Aunt Holly? I think it would be better if you just called it a wee-wee." Well, okay.

Here are some more things I have learned in my short time with two kids:

  1. To an eight year old, the WalMart toy department is a mecca.
  2. Eight year old boys require privacy at odd times, such as when they are counting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Using the restroom is apparently not a time when privacy is required, as evidenced by doors left wide open.
  3. Neither eight year old boys nor two year old girls appreciate unexpected doctors' appointments, even when the appointment is not for them. Eight year old boys, though, at least have the decency to point out that they are pleased that you are the one getting the shots, not them.
  4. Two year old girls do not forget when they have been promised M&Ms. This is especially awkward when their mother has forgotten to purchase said M&Ms.
  5. Eight year old boys do not forget when you have told them that once they pay for their chosen goods, they will not be allowed to go back into the store for something else. This is especially awkward when their aunt has forgotten to purchase M&Ms for their cousin. See #4.

We're still having a good time. Elise and her cousin are getting along fabulously. My nephew is really very good with Elise most of the time, and I am pleased that they can play together despite their age difference.

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