Friday, October 05, 2007

The Great Paper Purge


What's all this? Well, let me tell you. This is five and a half bags of shredded paper. I mentioned that I was going through our filing cabinet and purging unnecessary papers. Turns out there were a lot of unnecessary papers. This isn't even all of it. This is just the remains of the pile of To Be Shredded papers. There was an equally large pile of To Be Recycled papers (not being shredded, they didn't take up five and a half garbage bags worth of space). It took me well over an hour to shred all these papers. My paper shredder and I are now on a first name basis. (His name is Bernard, if you're curious.)

I know...the trees. It is sad. I do not mean to diminish the very real problem of irresponsible lumbering. But let's be honest, folks - the trees are no more dead now than they were when these papers were intact in my filing cabinet.

I don't think I can describe how happy it makes me to see our paperwork organized. This makes me believe that I am indeed...



Anne said...

That kind of thing makes me happy, too! I shredded a ton of stuff before we moved 6 months ago, and I need to do it again. You've inspired me! :-)

amandajean said...

I need to do a great paper purge here, too. I've been putting it off for years. I bet it feels great to have it done.

Heidijayhawk said...

i totally need to do that too. sigh. because i don't have enough else going on. a clean filing cabinet would surely be a step in the right direction.

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