Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nammies and Yo-Yos

My daughter is two years old. Oh, is she ever two years old. She keeps me on my toes, my little explorer. Here are some of the moments that the fly on our wall has witnessed over the last few days.

This morning I caught her mid-run. She was waving a set of keys (real keys) and heading towards the electrical outlet. She said she needed to "fix" the outlet. (She watches Daddy fix things with screwdrivers.)

Yesterday she twirled our rotating recliner as fast as she could, then stood back and watched it spin. "Look, Mommy, the chair is a ballerina!"

When I returned home from running errands yesterday, she met me at the top of the stairs and announced that she and Daddy got yo-yos at the store. They had gone grocery shopping. My husband laughed and told me to look in the kitchen. He had purchased Jo Jo potatoes from the deli as a treat. We may call them yo-yos from here on.

Last night I pulled her ballerina pajamas out of the dryer and said, "Look what I found!" She ran over, very excited, and yelled, "Nammies!" Why Jo-Jos are yo-yos and jammies are nammies, I do not know.

Yesterday I went to the garage to get something from the car. She must have thought that I had left. When I came back upstairs, she ran to me and hugged my legs and said, "Mommy, I'm so glad you're here!" [Enter melting heart.]

When asked what she would like to eat for breakfast this morning, she replied, "How about cheese and cake and pickles?" Keep dreaming, kid.

And yesterday she said, "No, thanks", unprompted and appropriately. Andy and I were stunned and momentarily speechless.
Ah, life is good.

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Linda said...

Your little one sounds like a real character and such a cutie pie!