Friday, August 03, 2007


There are a few cute things that have caught my attention lately, and I thought I'd share them with you:

Elise is really into finding shapes right now. She finds circles and squares everywhere, and has recently started to look for triangles as well. Yesterday she called me over to look at her book. "Look! It's a tri-ang-ang-angle!"

A few minutes ago, Elise turned on the television and then closed the doors of the cabinet where the TV is kept. I don't know what program was being broadcast, but it involved Native American drumming. Somehow the sound of tom-toms booming from an otherwise serene looking piece of furniture struck me as funny.

Yesterday I gave Elise some raisins with her breakfast. We tried raisins a while back, and Elise was less than thrilled with them. Yesterday, however, they were a hit. She looked at them suspiciously at first (cause, come on, raisins do not look good), so I told her that they were like berries. She tasted one and promptly announced, "It's like berries CANDY!" Well, whatever floats her boat...

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