Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mini Vacation and Other Doings

We had a lovely four day weekend. We started out with the Arts and Crafts Fair, which is always a treat. Good artists and artisans, good food, good music. Definitely a good time. It's always fun to attend that particular Fair, too, since it is held in Andy's hometown. We always run into Andy's old friends, teachers, classmates, etc.
After browsing the Fair, we returned to Andy's parents' home, where Elise graced us with her budding pianist skills. Note the left hand turned 90-degrees from the usual playing position. Must be a sign of prodigy.

On Saturday evening, Andy and I attended his 10 year high school reunion. It was fun - there were quite a few people there with whom Andy has stayed in close contact, and I got to meet a few people about whom I have heard many stories over the years. Then a few people who apparently still have a high school mindset decided to set off some fireworks - illegally - so the rather uptight (that's the mildest version of the nicest description I can come up with) resort manager called the police, and the reunion was promptly shut down. Yep. That's right. My husband's high school reunion was raided by the police. It was okay, though. The people we knew all went to a local restaurant - aka, the bowling alley - to visit, and that was much more pleasant than the loud, crowded reunion.

Since we were out late, Andy's folks put Elise to bed at their house. We were worried that they would have a hard time. Elise is a fantastic sleeper at home, but she doesn't always do well when she has to sleep elsewhere. But when we got back, everyone was sound asleep. Yay! Above is Elise running around Grandma and Grandpa's ("Ma" and "Bampa") yard. What's that she's carrying? Oh, yes. That would be a nosegay of Grandma's flowers. Grandma's potted flowers. The kind you're not supposed to pick. Hmm.

After a couple of days spent with Andy's family - involving much relaxation, conversation, and good food - we ventured out to a lake to spend a couple of days with friends. It was so beautiful there. We stayed in the "beach cabin" (read: huge, beautiful, easily sleeps 12, fully stocked with the comforts of the most comfortable home, house) of a family who attends our church. Wow. The lake is this pristine, wonderfully inviting, pseudo-mountain lake (it's in the foothills) about an hour from our home. I didn't know it existed until recently.

Here's my little water baby. Pay no attention to the scary paleness that is my leg. Elise was a little nervous in the water, but at the same time she loved it. I am pleased with that combination of emotions. It's good to have a healthy fear of large bodies of water, while at the same time enjoying them. Elise kept asking to play in the water "some more", but unfortunately it was really only warm enough to do so on the first afternoon that we were there. This did not keep Andy from cannonballing in several times.

Wow. Beautiful. Living in the city, I forget what amazing natural beauty can be found in Washington. It's breathtaking. I mean, we have great views just a minute or two away from us, but still...a quiet mountain lake, the lake houses being on the only developed property for miles...I love it. Makes me want to get out of the city more often. That large swath through the trees in the background makes me sad.

Makes me want to live in the country, I tell you!

Elise's 2nd birthday is coming up in just a few days. We've talked about it, and she knows there is a birthday coming up...I don't know if she understands that it's hers. Today she put a paper cup upside-down on her head, as a party hat, and sang her version of "Happy Birthday". It goes something like this: "Happy Burrrrday to YOUUUU!" Repeat seven times. After singing, she put her "hat" away and matter-of-factly stated, "I want cake now." Aha.

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Linda said...

Perceptive young'un that one! That is too cute! Sounds like you had a really nice vacation!