Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile

Just thought I'd share a few things that have made me smile this week.

This is a doll cradle that I picked up at a thrift store for Elise. Andy had to take it apart in order to properly fit the bottom piece in. Well...he had the cradle on its end while he was putting it back together...I'm guessing he was thinking about something else...and this is the result. Yeah. Big smile.

This is the daisy that Elise picked for me yesterday.

Curious George fabric found at Joann's. This is the TV version of George, not the classic version, but Elise likes both, so I'm okay with it. The differences are not as great as they are with, say, classic Pooh and Disney Pooh.

Emptying, moving, refilling, and rearranging bookshelves. The process is tiring and takes a while, but it's still fun. I keep finding books that I want to read or reread. I had to fight the urge to make a pile of books I want to read. The piles in the picture are of books to be put back onto shelves. They haven't quite made it yet.
I hope you're finding lots of reasons to smile this week.

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