Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday I was talking to some women at church. They were saying that they were disappointed that fall is almost here. It's true that we haven't experienced much that resembles summer this year. We had a few days of uncomfortably hot weather, but for the most part it has been a very mild, pleasant season. I can understand wanting more of a summer. I grew up in an area where summer lasted all three months that it is scheduled. I do miss it. But I also love Seattle summers. They make up for Seattle winters.


So these women were saying that they are not ready for fall, that they would like summer to last a little bit longer. I was surprised to realize that I had a different opinion. I'm ready for fall. Usually I am sad to see summer go. Fall, in my mind, marks the beginning of months and months of dreary weather. (Native western Washingtonians roll their eyes when outsiders talk about how much it rains here. They claim that it does not rain as much as outsiders think it does. My personal opinion, as an outsider who has lived here for ten years, is that the annual rainfall may not amount to as much as it does in other areas, but it does in fact rain as frequently as most outsiders think it does. Natives, you may disagree if you wish.) Don't get me wrong, I love fall. I love the crispness in the air (before the rain clouds set in), I love drinking hot drinks, I love the autumn colors, I love the anticipation of Christmas. But I still usually wish that summer would linger for a while longer. This year, to my own surprise, I don't wish for that. I know I'll miss the sun, but I'm ready for fall.

This has been a challenging summer for us, and I am tired. We have had sad farewells and harsh disappointments. It has been unsettling, and I hate feeling unsettled. I guess I am hoping that the onset of a new season will bring with it some peace and rest, hope, a restoration of routine and order. I'm looking forward to long evenings, to reading and sewing and baking, to watching fireplace embers fade, to just being with and enjoying my family. Fall promises to be a busy time for us - two weeknight commitments that broke for the summer will be restarting, and the weeks and months leading up to the holidays are always full - so I'm not entirely sure why I expect that it will be a season of rest for us...but I do.

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Bob said...

No, no; you're right. Fewer total inches than most people realise, but it does rain most of the other three seasons. I joke about this all the time. People from places like California visit in the summer and marvel at how everything is still green when their own state is brown and burnt. Then when they move here, they find out why: it rains and is cloudy the other 8-9 months of the year.