Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We live in the wrong city.

It's true. I've suspected this for quite a while, and today I realized it more fully. We live in City A. This morning I drove to City B, where Elise played with some friends for a while and I worked at our church. Then we came home to City A. In an hour, I will be driving back to City B for a dentist appointment, and then home to City A. Immediately after that, we will all drive back to City B for a barbecue. Finally, tonight, we'll come home to sleep in City A. Then tomorrow, some friends from City B will drive over here, to City A, to play with Elise for a few hours.

Wouldn't it be easier if we just lived in City B? I think so.


Heidijayhawk said...

that sucks!!! who would think that living in the wrong city was even posible? not a midwesterner i tell you!

Bob said...

So move to City B. It's a nice city!

Felicia said...

LOL Sounds like its time to move.